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Freddie Mac Survey Says 78% of Renters Discover Renting Extra Reasonably priced Than Proudly owning

With rent prices climbing higher and higher these past years, does this make renters feel more skeptical about their housing choice? On the contrary, it seems that 78% of renters believe that renting is still more affordable than owning a home, accordi…

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Prices in Faculty Motion pictures: Tuition, Lease, Antics, and Adventures

In the movies, college parties are legendary, but all of that drinking and destruction can be expensive. Let’s look at the partying costs for 10 college movies.

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Further Prices for Renters – Condominium Utility Breakdown

You always know for certain what you will have to pay for rent, but what about apartment utilities such as electricity, natural gas, water, cable and internet? Rent includes utilities sometimes, but if you don’t do a bit of research beforehand you migh…

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