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Underutilized Areas: Getting the Most Out of Your Residence

Let’s face it: some of the areas of your home can feel like an afterthought. After all, it’s not like you’ll be showing your linen closets off to your guests. But just because a space isn’t Pinterest-worthy doesn’t mean it should be any less functional. In fact, some of the underutilized spaces in your home […]

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Ageing Gracefully: Timeless Design for a Traditional Dwelling

Trends may come and go, but taste is forever. When designing your own home, it’s tempting to take an “everything but the kitchen sink” attitude. There are so many exciting features and fun trends to inspire your build! But before getting whisked away on the trend train, you need to remember that today’s trend is […]

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eight New Building Cash Errors That Might Value You

Building your own home is an exercise in careful budgeting. Each and every dollar needs to be accounted for, or your build could get away from you. Still, even if you’re careful with your budget, you might be making mistakes that cost you in the end. Maxing out your money might be less about choosing […]

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